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The Lawrence School, Sanawar

Sanawar is a co-educational boarding school, affiliated to CBSE and has students of varying backgrounds from different parts of the sub-continent. It provides an environment that encourages a questioning mind and gives students many avenues for expressing their creativity and building their skills.

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Education Is Not the Filling of a Pail, But the Lighting of a Fire.

I am pleased to share that I am thankful for your good wishes, the guidance of a most supportive and enlightened Board, a very supportive community, dedicated staff and the blessings of the Almighty! Indeed, it is not only most humbling but also a singular privilege to be entrusted this high honor. I am blessed to be the custodian of The Lawrence School, Sanawar in our Dodransbicentennial Anniversary!

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Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision.
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The Lawrence School taught me discipline and punctuality, qualities that have stood me in good stead in my political life

Omar Abdullah
Ex Chief Minister Jammu and Kashmir
"I was the batch of 72 and he (Mr.Harish Dhillion) taught us English literature. I was 13. His role in my life is immense and I have benefitted so much from his teachings. I remember he gave me 11 out of 10 for an essay and no gift ever has come closer to this one."
Maneka Gandhi
Indian Politician, Animal Rights Activist, And Environmentalist(Batch Of 1972)

The very sight of him (Mr. Bhupinder Singh) used to give me the chills. Now I realise I owe whatever I am today to the discipline inculcated in students at Sanawar.The schools motto, never give up, and my house slogan, fight a good fight, have always stayed with me and enabled me to fight for my ideology and for the poor of my state.

Sukhbir Singh Badal
Former Deputy Chief Minister of Punjab (batch of 1979)
"Sanawar is not just a school, it is an institution."
I K Gujral
12th Prime Minister Of India

"If I was asked to point out an important lesson I learnt in school, I would say it was how to play the game of life. We also learnt about truth and integrity, often in an unspoken manner by our teachers and housemasters. One could never discriminate against students on the basis of cast, colour or religious groups. One of the greatest strengths of the school was gender equality."

Navin Chawla
Former Chief Election Commissioner
"Schools play a pivotal role in our lives as they form the base for our tomorrow. The Lawrence School, Sanawar's motto of "Never Give In," has shaped my personality, contributing immensely to my entrepreneurial journey by laying a strong foundation."
Naveen Munjal
Managing Director At Hero Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd

"I would like to thank this magnificent hilltop for shaping me to be who I am today. The integrity, the discipline, the focus and the 'Never Give In' attitude, the academics and the phenomenal faculty have all contributed to me, my life, my choices and who I am today."

Pooja Bedi
Bollywood Actress (Batch of 1989)

"I visited my school after ten years. But here rather than talking about how emotional the journey was, I will say it was a great experience to relive the days which I left almost a decade ago. I can't figure out how 10 years went by. But the air in Sanawar still feels fresh - as if my school session ended only some months back. This time I met my teachers and visited my dormitory. After all this I went to the Tuck Shop to savour my favourite vanilla ice cream."

Varun Sharma
Bollywood Actor (Batch of 2008)

"Send him to Sanawar and make a man out of him."

Rudyard Kipling
English Novelist, Short-story Writer, Poet, And Journalist

"I owe to Sanawar all that I have achieved in my professional and personal life. It gave me a great education, based on the system where we could question, debate and argue rather than mug up. Sanawar gave me great friends and the ability to build great relationships which has been the hallmark of my successful professional career as a CA in PwC and my personal life. My education at the hilltop helped me develop as an all-rounded good human being with integrity and a creative instinct at work and at leisure. The Sanawar stamp gave me the confidence and gravitas which helped tremendously in networking and relationship building."

Vivek Mehra, Leading Tax Consultant And Corporate Consultant
Himalaya 1962-1971

"To the best school of all A thank you to my parents who sent me to Sanawar as a six year old.To the teachers that moulded us into good upright human beings, I pay my respects, And to this school that gives but asks for nothing in return a big thank you.Sanawar sits majestically on a hilltop watching over those that pass through its portals to become leaders in their fields.Pretenders there are plenty but the best is Sanawar."

Justice Rajive Bhalla

"The lessons Sanawar instills in us are what make journeys like mine possible. Beyond the academics, it's the discipline I learned making my bed every morning. The resilience I learned in the boxing ring. The interpersonal skills I learned in the dorm. All have been key to my success."

Puneet Renjen
Deloitte Global CEO

Every moment of the seven years that  spent at Sanawar, was spent constructively, it was holistically crafted; a well-thought out blend of academics, sports, athletics and hobbies.
Co-education meant that boys and girls were equals.
Discipline, self-reliance and teamwork, the underlying themes, held together with the tensile strength of our school motto : 'Never Give In'.
All attributes that have stood me again and again, in good stead through life's incredible journey.

Vipin Sondhi
Ex MD&CEO Of Ashok Leyland, JCB In India And Tecumseh In India.

"You gave me a strong foundation upon which the experience of life can continue to flourish. You taught me the small things that build a good human being. You made me independent, free, and brave. The friendships, respect, and excellence, the spirit of Never Give In."

Thank you Sanawar

Shiva Keshavan
SBD (91 - 99)

It has been a matter of pride and honour for me to have pursued my education at the prestigious The Lawerence School, Sanawar. The teachings and the value system inculcated in me during my formative years at school have played an instrumental role in shaping and inspiring me to pursue a career in service to the Nation and society.
I wish my dear Alma Mater best wishes and I hope it continues to play a significant role in imparting a world class education for the childrean of our country.

Dushyant Chautala
Deputy Chief Minister, Haryana
Never Give In

Leading the Way


Birdwood is the main academic building of the school. This austere and stately edifice, made of grey granite, dominates the spur of Sanawar hill with the gorgeous view of Kasauli ridge. The building has Thirty large and airy classrooms with cedar-wood floors and coal fire places. The foundation stone of Birdwood School was laid by the Right Reverend, the Bishop of Lahore, H.B. Durrant on August 25, 1927 and the Birdwood School buildings were opened by His Excellency Field Marshall Sir W.R. Birdwood Bart, Commander in Chief, India on September 22, 1929. Birdwood school also houses the school auditorium Barne Hall, named after the then Principal of the school, George Barne wherein all the functions and cultural events of school take place.

Prep Department
Prep Dept

The home of the tiny-tots, the Prep Department, houses students of classes V and VI. The total strength of the Prep School is divided into three dormitories. The girls have a dormitory having two floors while the boys stay in two separate dormitories. The Prep School is an independent unit having its own classrooms, games, hobbies, meals and study time. The students participate in various sports and co-curricular activities throughout the year and have an engaging yet enjoyable schedule. The Prep Department encourages all students to participate in activities and settle well in school so that they develop into sincere and empathetic individuals under the guidance of dedicated staff members.

The maximum intake of students in The Lawrence School is in classes V and VI. An entrance exam is held in the month of November every year and the school session begins in February.

Each House has its own Color, Flag, Identity and Motto:-
Himalaya House – Yellow, Motto- CERTA BONUM CERTAMEN (Fight the good fight)
Nilagiri House – Blue, Motto – VIRTUT E ET VALORE (Strength and Courage)
Siwalik – Green, Motto - LEVIUS FIT PATIENTIA (Patience makes it lighter)
Vindhya – Red, Motto – FYNO OUW LERFID (God's will, will be)

Boys Department
Boys Dept

Boys Department (B.D.) – Boarding House for the boys is divided into four Houses namely Himalaya, Nilagiri , Siwalik and Vindhya. In addition to this, there is a House meant only for the students of class LIV called the Holding House. After U III, the Prep Department boys of all the Houses stay in the Holding House for a year before they move to their respective Parent Houses from UIV onwards.

Each House has two Housemasters - Sr. Housemaster who looks after the boys of UV onwards and Jr. Housemaster who looks after the boys of UIV and LV. These Housemasters, with the help of the matron and the tutors attached with the House, look after the pastoral care of the boys. Also, each House has a prefectorial body elected from class UVI that helps the Housemaster run their House on daily basis.

Boys' department offers various activities to the students - sporting activities, Hikes and camps, Hobbies, Common room to play board games etc. Also, Boys' Department has its own Gymnasium.

Each House has its own Color, Flag, Identity and Motto:-
Himalaya House – Yellow, Motto- CERTA BONUM CERTAMEN (Fight the good fight)
Nilagiri House – Blue, Motto – VIRTUT E ET VALORE (Strength and Courage)
Siwalik – Green, Motto - LEVIUS FIT PATIENTIA (Patience makes it lighter)
Vindhya – Red, Motto – FYNO OUW LERFID (God's will, will be)

Girls Department
Girls Dept

The Foundation Stone for the Girls' Dormitory (Honoria Court) was laid in 1943 by Major General R.L. Bond with the vision of giving girls an equal pedestal as boys in terms of their lodging, giving to them what they proudly call “A second home”. The department is divided into three parts, namely, Holding House, comprising girls from grades 7 and 8, and senior dormitories which are further divided into the Upper Dormitory, housing girls of Himalaya and Nilagiri House and the Lower Dormitory housing girls of Vindhya and Siwalik House. All together the department is looked after by six housemistresses, three matrons and eighteen tutors.

An extension of the Girls’ Department, a new state- of- the- art dormitory is also under construction and is much awaited by the girls and faculty alike. The girls’ playground known as Peacestead, wears a new modern look after its recent facelift. Below the Basketball courts, the GD shooting range, table tennis and Gymnasium are located. Girls have a wide range of activities to pick their hobbies from, ranging from Music and Dance to Carpentry and Sculpture. The GD Common Room is a place for girls to go in their free time, relax and play indoor games.

GD is the source of multitudes of fond memories and friendships that the girls carry back as their depart from school for the last time.

Each House has its own Color, Flag, Identity and Motto:-
Himalaya House – Yellow, Motto- CERTA BONUM CERTAMEN (Fight the good fight)
Nilagiri House – Blue, Motto – VIRTUT E ET VALORE (Strength and Courage)
Siwalik – Green, Motto - LEVIUS FIT PATIENTIA (Patience makes it lighter)
Vindhya – Red, Motto – FYNO OUW LERFID (God's will, will be)