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HeadMaster Vinay Pande While it is a matter of great pride and privilege to be associated with The Lawrence School, Sanawar as a member of staff or alumni, it is a rare honour and privilege to be the Headmaster of the ‘Best School of All’.

The inhabitants of The Lawrence School, Sanawar are fortunate to be living in an environment that is highly conducive to teaching and learning and an all round growth. Sanawar’s idyllic setting and its salubrious climate are crucial factors in facilitating this. While academics forms the core of our curricular structure here, the importance of sports and other activities is never undermined by us.

I have come to Sanawar with a dream and that is to place Sanawar among the top boarding schools globally. I am of the firm opinion that the success of a school is directly proportional to the happiness quotient of its stakeholders. I would prefer The Lawrence School, Sanawar to be called a home of happy students and staff rather than being identified only with the success story of a few individuals.

Top academic results are always welcome. Success and achievements in other spheres of life are very important to boost one’s morale. All of these can be achieved if we allow everyone to work in an environment where unnecessary pressures and stresses do not impede our progress.

For me the primary aim of every school should be to mould their children as good human beings. Compassion, empathy, selfless service, honesty, politeness, tolerance, diligence, commitment and perseverance are some of the hallmarks of a good human being.

Our country today needs men and women of high integrity and commitment as our leaders in various fields. We, at Sanawar, strive to produce such leaders who would take the nation forward in the 21st century. While we take pride in our glorious past, we are not oblivious to the changes outside the hilltop. We are committed to move with the changing time but at the same time protect and nurture some traditions that make The Lawrence School, Sanawar the ‘Best School of All’.


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